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A note to our listeners

Water From Another Time

The past month, I have gotten a number of correspondences about this website. Odd, because I thought the site had disappeared about a month after we left Fargo-Moorhead, which I thought was Tripod policy. As many of you know, Doug and I left the Valley in July 2001 when Doug got a position at St. Joe's U. in Philly. As long as this site is up, please consider it "archival." HOWEVER, if someone wants to take up maintenance of portions of the site, particularly the International Dancers and Folk Calendar bits, please write me! As for the radio show part... I'd suggest getting directly in touch with North Dakota Public Radio, and be sure you know what you're getting into ;-). We miss you all and hope to see some of you some time in summer 2002!

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A weekly program of folk and world music
with Doug Kurtze and Ellie Knickman.

Catch us on Sunday evenings
at 9 Central / 8 Mountain time
on North Dakota Public Radio.

And finally, in case you're not home when we're on,

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Last updated April 1, 2001