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Here are the playlists for:

The entries in the playlists look like this:

Title of cut -- artist
...(Title of album / label and album number)

This should be pretty much what you need to order the right album (if it's in print!). Some of the albums are compilations, so they aren't listed under the name of the artist who's performing the particular cut we played. When this happens, we put


after the album title. Also, if we give


for the record label, this means the artist put out his own album -- which is quite common among folk musicians.

We've linked to the artist's home page and to the record company's home page whenever we've been able to find them. If you know of a page we've missed, or if one of our links is broken, please let us know.

Sometimes an artist puts the song lyrics on the Web, or maybe an audio snippet or even a video. We've linked to those things too whenever we've found them, in case you want to jog your memory. Lyrics usually load pretty quickly, audio clips take longer, and videos can take forever!

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Last updated July 1, 2001