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374th Show (7/8/01)

No Lookiní Back -- Barbara Heller
...(No Lookiní Back / self)

The Christians and the Pagans -- Dar Williams
...(Mortal City / Razor and Tie RT 2821-2)
The Birthday Party -- Peter Mayer
...(Bountiful / Blue Boat BB1203)
When All Thy Names are One -- Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie
...(Guide my Feet / Appleseed APR 1029)

Duskus -- Tony Furtado
...(Within Reach / Rounder CD 0290)
Borsht (RealAudio clip) -- Brave Old World
...(Beyond the Pale / Rounder CD 3135)
Meisje van Scheveningen -- Kat ynít Seil
...(Hand over Hand (with Liereliet) / Universal / Windrose UPCD94341)
Kamma No -- Tone Hulbaekmo
...(Chants et Danses de Norvege [comp.] / Playasound PS 65065)

Stranded in the Moonlight -- Skyline
...(Stranded in the Moonlight / Flying Fish 304)
Volga Boatmen (MP3 file) -- Limpopo
...(Give Us a Break / FolkíníRoll, no number)

Hambletonís Round O -- Bare Necessities
...(Take a Dance / Flying Fish 70564)
Sochan Dongian -- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
...(The Last Prophet / Realworld CAROL 2341-2-7243-8-39468-2-2)

Ice Worms -- Swap
...([sic] / NorthSide NSD6042)

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