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336th Show (10/8/00)

The Rolling Deep -- William Coulter & Barry Phillips
...(Tree of Life / Gourd GM 114)

From Way Up Here -- Rosalie Sorrels
...(No Closing Chord: The Songs of Malvina Reynolds / Red House RHR CD 143)
Under the Same Sky -- Fubuki Daiko
...(Fubuki / Tatsumi TAT 001)
Bandera del Sol (RealAudio clip) -- Tish Hinojosa
...(Culture Swing / Rounder CD 3122)

Americas -- Khenany
...(Camiando Juntos Vol. 5 / self)
500 Years -- Annie Humphrey
...(The Heron Smiled / Makoché MM0168D)

Somos el Barco -- Guy & Candie Carawan
...(Tree of Life / Flying Fish FF 70525)
Ma Ya -- Habib Koite
...(Ma Ya / Putumayo PUTU 146-2)

Bitola (whole cut in RealAudio format) -- Sviraj
...(Ciganine / Omnium OMM 2101)
Dean Cadalan Samhach -- Ossian
...(St. Kilda Wedding / Iona IR 001)
Oi Dai -- Värttinä
...(Oi Dai / Green Linnet GLCD 4014)

Lament of the First Generation (RealAudio clip) -- Liz Carroll
...(Lost in the Loop / Green Linnet GLCD 1199)

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