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326th Show (7/30/00)

Garden Song (.wav audio clip) -- Dave Mallett
...(Inches & Miles / Flying Fish FF70110)

Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn -- Ar Log
...(Ar Log II / Dingle’s DIN 310)
Haste to the Wedding / Speed the Plough -- Margaret MacArthur
...(The Old Songs / Philo 1001)

The Corn is my Pleasure -- N. Youpee, J.S. Neto, Pacific String Quartet
...(People of the Willows / Makoché MM0148D)
The Farmer / Miri It Is -- Revels
...(Seasons for Singing / Revels CD 1095)

Village Green Interview
Highland Mary / Old Tom of Oxford -- Rod Stradling
...(Rhythms of the Wold / Green Linnet GLCD 3061)

Foro Bana -- Habib Koite
...(Ma Ya / Putumayo PUTU 146-2)
Man Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn -- The Amidons
...(I’ll Never Forget / Ammus 05-02)

Myllypolkka ja Eriks Polkan -- JPP
...(Devil’s Polska / Green Linnet GLCD 4012)
Dusty Miller -- Bare Necessities
...(Nightcap / self CR-2001CD)
Le Meunier et la Jeune Fille -- La Bottine Souriante
...(La Traversee de l’Atlantique / Green Linnet SIF 3043)

Orange in Bloom -- Waterson:Carthy
...(Waterson/Carthy / Topic TSCD 475)

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