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324th Show (7/16/00)

Bligh’s Farewell (.wav audio clip) -- Elke Baker
...(Over the Border / Habbit Tracks HBT001)

Teche Voda Kalamutna -- Mria
...(Mria / Yevshan CYFP 1051)
Verkhovnyo/Ivanku -- Mria
...(Mria / Yevshan CYFP 1051)
Sloboda -- Peter Ostroushko
...(Sacred Heart / Red House RHR CD 140)
Borsht -- Brave Old World
...(Beyond the Pale / Rounder CD 3135)

Hi Sal, Have You Checked Your E-Mail? (.ra audio clip) -- Grit Laskin
...(Sampler Number 2 [comp.] / Borealis)
Cyber Bubba -- Michael Jonathon
...(The Road / Poet Man PMR 70010)
With the Coming of the Horse -- Jack Gladstone
...(Buffalo Cafe / Hawkstone HS 44444)
White Collar Holler -- Stan Rogers
...(Between the Breaks / Fogarty's Cove FCM 002)

Scythe Song -- Dougie MacLean
...(Riof / Dunkeld G2-10064)
This is Mine (.ram audio clip) -- Lucy Kaplansky
...(Flesh and Bone / Red House RHR CD 92)

Kolomeykova Vyazanka -- Mria
...(Mria / Yevshan CYFP 1051)

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