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371st Show (6/17/01)

The Kerryman’s Daughter / Lord Gordon’s -- Eileen Ivers
...(So Far / Green Linnet GLCD 1185)

Walkin’ Daddy -- Greg Brown
...(Covenant / Red House RHR CD 148)
Nay A Na -- Jerry Alfred & the Medicine Beat
...(Kehlonn / Caribou CRCD004)
Anjo da Guarda -- Airto Moreira
...(On a Starry Night [comp.] / Windham Hill 01934-11213-2)
Little Hands -- Jonathan Edwards & the Seldom Scene
...(Daddies Sing Goodnight [comp.] / Sugar Hill SH CD 3821)

Brand New Lover -- Dandelion Wine
...(Cheap Hooch / self DW 79401-2)
Rowling Hornpipe ... -- Waterson:Carthy
...(Broken Ground / Topic TSCD509)
Corrina, Corrina -- Doc & Merle Watson
...(Then and Now / Sugar Hill SH CD 2205)
House of Tom Bombadil -- Nickel Creek
...(Nickel Creek / Sugar Hill SUG CD 3909)

My Old Man -- Ewan MacColl
...(Black and White / Green Linnet GLCD 3058)
Intro & My Old Man -- David Mallett
...(Parallel Lives / Flying Fish CD FF 670)
One Strong Arm -- John McCutcheon
...(Water From Another Time / Rounder CD 11555)
Crossing the Border -- Si Kahn
...(In My Heart / Philo CD PH 1169)

Walkin’ With Dad -- Willson & McKee
...(The Pattern / Rimsong RM3944)

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