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329th Show (8/20/00)

A Sore Point -- Ni Chathasaigh & Newman
...(Live in the Highlands / Old Bridge OBMCD08)

Stambul Naturil (RealAudio clip) -- Achmad & Diswansoni
...(Indonesian Guitars [comp.] / Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40447)
Drut Gat in Tintal -- Debashish Bhattacharya
...(Hindustani Slide Guitar / India Archive Music IAM CD 1042)

Terraplane Blues -- Robert Johnson
...(Robert Johnson, Delta Blues Legend / Charly R&B CD BM 13-2)
No Way For Me To Get Along -- Rory Block
...(Rhinestones & Steel Strings / Rounder CD 3085)
Docís Rag -- Doc & Merle Watson
...(Two Days in November / Sugar Hill SH CD 2205)
Stealiní From Chet -- Pat Donohue
...(Backroads / Bluesky BSR-926)

Ternuras -- Gipsy Kings
...(Este Mundo / CK 90881)
Hunting Song -- Pentangle
...(Basket of Light / Reprise 6372)

Aza Manadino -- Dama & D'Gary
...(The Long Way Home / Shanachie 64052)
La Danse des Macareux -- Dan Ar Bras
...(Acoustic / Green Linnet GLCD 3035)
Beguiling Eyes -- Stephen Fearing
...(Out to Sea / Aural Tradition ATR 301)

Potzelbaum -- Slavek Hanzlik
...(Summer Solstice / MUSA MCD 93-2)

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