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328th Show (8/13/00)


The Road is Calling -- Guy Davis
...(Call Down the Thunder / Red House RHR CD 89)

Love what a Road (.mp3 audio clip) -- James Keelaghan
...(Road / Jericho Beach JBM 9901)
The Roviní Dies Hard -- Battlefield Band
...(Celtic Hotel / Temple TP027)
The Road to Drumleman -- Ossian
...(Seal Song / Iona IR002)

Road Goes On Forever -- Robert Earl Keen
...(No. 2 Live Diner / Sugar Hill SHCD 1051)
Send in the Cones -- Mrs Ackroyd Band
...(Gnus and Roses / Mrs Ackroyd DOG 010)
Bonfire of the Inanities (lyrics) -- Austin Lounge Lizards
...(Small Minds / Watermelon 1034)

Tar Road to Medicine Hat -- Parlour Tricks
...(Winnipeg Irish Fest 1994 live tape)
Lament for Owen Roe/Road to Glencripesdale -- Sarah Bauhan
...(Broad Water / Whistlerís Music WM 9899)
Come a Long Way (lyrics) -- Michelle Shocked
...(Arkansas Traveler / Mercury 314 512 101 2)

Going to Brownsville -- Corey Harris
...(Between Midnight and Day / Alligator ALCD 4837)

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