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323rd Show (7/9/00)

Colored Aristocracy -- New Lost City Ramblers
...(There ainít no way out / Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40098)

Little Burnt Potatoe -- Ryan Keplin
...(Fiddling Lefty / Sunshine SSBCT 447)
Nhemamusasa -- Chiwoniso
...(Ancient Voices / Tinder 42859372)
Polonaise from Sexdrega -- Bask
...(Nordic Roots 2 [comp.] / Northside NSD6040)
Tue Hey -- Led Kaapana
...(Black Sand / Dancing Cat 08022-38015-2)

Maid on the Shore -- Niamh Parsons
...(Blackbirds & Thrushes / Green Linnet GLCD 1197)
Rabbits in a Basket -- Figgy Duff
...(Figgy Duff / Hagdown WRC8-5841)
Saguaro -- Austin Lounge Lizards
...(Creatures from the Black Saloon / Watermelon 1000-CD)

If You Want Space Go to Utah -- Christine Lavin
...(The Bellevue Years / Philo 11671-1220-2)
Marilaulu -- Värttinä
...(Oi dai / Green Linnet GLCD 4014)
Good Noise (.au audio clip) -- John Gorka
...(Out of the Valley / High Street 72902 10325-2)

Suq al-Manadil -- Musicians of the Nile
...(Charcoal Gypsies / Realworld CAROL 2366-2)
Charro Zamorano -- La Musgana
...(Las Seis Tentaciones / Xenophile XENO 4030)
Aymuray -- Sukay
...(Sukay Instrumental / Flying Fish FF 70108)

Rakish Paddy -- Sherburn, Bartley, & Scott
...(Live at the Wharf / Sherbart SMCD001)

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