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319th Show (6/11/00)


If You Love Somebody -- Guy Davis
...(You Donít Know My Mind / Red House RHR CD 113)

Cosmo, Prince of Denmark -- Les Barker
...(A Cardi and Bloke / Mrs Ackroyd DOG 011)
Cíest Dans Paris -- La Bottine Souriante
...(Je Voudrais Changer díChapeau / Rounder CD 6041)

Rust -- Lynn Miles
...(Night in a Strange Town / Philo 11671-1215-2)
Your Secret -- James Keelaghan
...(Road / Jericho Beach JBM 9901)
Welcome the Traveler Home -- John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin
...(Doing Our Job / Rounder CD 0411)

Mikuni Gensokoyoku -- Ondekoza
...(The Ondekoza / Rhythms of the World JVC 3507 2)
Ady -- Tarika
...(Son Egal / Xenophile XENO 4042)
Brekken -- Hoven Droven
...(Nordic Roots 2 [comp.] / Northside NSD6040)

Southern California Wants to be Western New York -- Dar Williams
...(Mortal City / Razor and Tie RT 2821-2)
Fall 77 -- Oregon
...(Out of the Woods / Elektra 6E-154)
Down to the River -- Dave Moore
...(Breaking Down to 3 / Red House RHR CD 132)

Ten Past Eleven -- Vassar Clements et al.
...(Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dave Holland / Rounder 0207)

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