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317th Show (5/28/00)

County Down -- On the Edge
...(demo tape / self)

Where the Hills are Made of Clay [.mov video] -- Newkirk and Bell
...(Dreams in a Dryland / Harptree HCD002)
Java Jive -- On the Edge
...(demo tape / self)

MORRIS DANCERS IN EGF (218-773-3850)
Staines Morris -- Morris On
...(Morris On / Carthage CGCD 4406)
Lilliburlero -- Revels
...(Christmas Day in the Morning / Revels CD 1087)
Streams of Lovely Nancy / Balham Brawl [lyrics] -- The New St. George
...(High Tea / Folk Era FE 1415CD)
Dancing at Whitsun -- Priscilla Herdman
...(The Water Lily / Philo 1014)

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy [lyrics] -- Dick Gaughan
...(Sail On / Appleseed 1016)
D-Day Dodgers -- Ian Robb
...(From Different Angels / Fallen Angle FAM 01CD)
Making Thunder [.wav sound file] -- R. Carlos Nakai & William Eaton
...(Ancestral Voices / Canyon CR 7010)

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda -- Eric Bogle
...(Scraps of Paper / Flying Fish FF 70311)
Brose and Butter -- Local Hero
...(Peace and Plenty / self)
The Dutchman / Michael Smith
...(Michael Smith / Flying Fish FF 70404)

The Silk Train -- Newkirk and Bell
...(Dreams in a Dryland / Harptree HCD002)

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